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Taste Offer exhibition catalog cover by Marissa Holmes

Angie Wu// 吳安捷

Angie received her B.F.A Photography from Emily Carr University in 2017. While her main area of study is analogue photography, Angie has completed multiple courses in the areas of design, as well as partake in CURRENT, Emily Carr’s award- winning, annual design research journal. She is currently a graphic designer for a private jeweller in Vancouver, B.C., and also a freelance photographer for corporate events, as well as weddings.

安捷於2017年(106年)由Emily Carr University取得攝影學士學位。於Emily Carr就學期間,除了必修的攝影課程以外,安捷還主動的參與了多門設計學的課程,也同時在大學的設計周刊CURRENT擔任了攝影師的職務。目前,安捷在一間私人珠寶商擔任平面設計師一職,並也同時接收商業攝影和婚紗攝影的案件。


Curriculum Vitae// 簡歷

Education// 教育
Emily Carr University of Art+ Design
Bachelors of Fine Art Photography 

Group Exhibitions// 群體展
2013- Mila Kostic Presents: Kaleidoscope at International Gallery Vancouver
2013- Annual Fine Arts Night at J.N. Burnett Secondary
2014- Foundation Show at Emily Carr University
2016- Taste Offer at Emily Carr University
2017- The Show (Degree Exhibition) at Emily Carr University

Gallery// 美術館相關任職
2013- 2015 Gallery Supervisor at Federation of Canadian Artists

Publication Design// 平面設計
2016 May- “All For 1 and 1 For All” by Lucinda McGroarty- CURRENT Issue 7
2016 May- “DESIS” by Louise St. Pierre- CURRENT Issue 7

Awards, Scholarships, and Recognition// 獎勵與認可
2013 June- Senior Fine Arts Award- J.N. Burnett Secondary
2013 September- “Youth Art Mart Showcases Richmond Artists”- Richmond Review
2017- Runway Radar: Sammi Wong's gender-neutral static/quo draws from punchy throwback fashions


*resume PDF available upon request